Hub City Fieldhouse

117th & Indiana / Lubbock, Texas / 806.771.4224 /

Hub City Fieldhouse is not your average baseball and softball training facility! As a membership-based facility, they offer unlimited access to members, baseball and softball instruction, camps, clinics, leagues and now fitness classes.  They welcome walk-in guests as well. From the ground up they have created a fun and safe environment for players of all ages and levels to improve their skills and gain a better understanding, appreciation and respect for the game. Their instructors are top-notch individuals with strong baseball or softball credentials. They are passionate about sharing and teaching their skills to others. Hub City Fieldhouse understands that baseball and softball are fun and competitive sports in both the physical and mental aspects of the games. They strive to serve, not only as coaches but also as role models and mentors, especially to their younger players. They provide a safe and productive practice and training facility. Come for the practice — stay for the fun!

Passionate about sports, kids and business, Kyle Gayler, owner and manager of Hub City Fielhouse,  is excited to combine his experience and vision to create and operate this facility. Kyle attended Texas Tech and received his bachelor’s degree in business, always with the dream of someday opening his own business in a sports-related field.

Kyle is a CPA and business professional with more than 20 years experience in accounting, management and business operations. Being from Lubbock and having lived here most of his life, he is very well connected with the local baseball and softball community, and has strong relationships with players, coaches and parents.

Kyle and his wife Melanie have two children, Evan and Brooke.  When Kyle’s children became involved in sports, he discovered a new passion in life: coaching. While coaching, Kyle recognized the need for additional training and practice facilities in the area and thus developed the vision for a facility such as Hub City Fieldhouse.

Kyle is very excited to provide a much-needed service to the Lubbock area: a state-of-the-art training facility for players to practice their game, access to excellent instructors and a fun, safe, beautiful club-like atmosphere.

Visit the Hub City Fieldhouse website by clicking here for more information.