RL Black Construction

Rick Black, owner of RL Black Construction, was born & raised in Lubbock but married and moved to Hale Center to farm and raise his family. He started RL Black Construction in 1978 to supplement a bad farming year and found his true calling.

In 1989 God placed Lee Moralez in his life. Since then, the two of them have designed & constructed custom kitchens, additions, remodels, and personalized custom homes while gaining many life time friends along the way.

Rick married Paula (Sunshine) and moved to the north side of Lubbock in 2002, but he still looks forward to and enjoys his small commute north to Hale Center.

Rick and his wife, Paula, enjoying traveling. And when they have time, Rick and Lee enjoying playing a round of golf together.

Vista Bank is a proud supporter of RL Black Construction. Together, we are soaring to great heights!