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Q: What are BuzzPoints?

A: BuzzPoints are a great way to get rewarded for how you shop and bank. Your BuzzPoints enabled debit card account is designed to easily and quickly give back to you and your community.

Q: How do I enable my debit card to get BuzzPoints?

A: All you need to do is sign up is click here. 

Q: How does BuzzPoints work?

A: Once you sign up with BuzzPoints, make signature transactions using your Vista Bank debit card.  You receive 1 BuzzPoint for every $1 you spend. Receive bonus BuzzPoints when you shop with participating BuzzPoints Merchants!

Q: Do I have to do anything to claim my BuzzPoints?

A: No. Once you have enabled BuzzPoints, BuzzPoints automatically start to accumulate with each signature transaction you make.  

Q: How can I increase my BuzzPoints?

A: Increase your BuzzPoints by using your debit card in a number of ways:

Receive 1 BuzzPoint for every dollar you spend when you use your debit card as a credit or signature transaction. BuzzPoints add up fast when you use your Vista Bank debit card for everyday regular purchases and monthly bill payments.* Please note, points are only awarded for signature based transactions.

The best local retailers, called BuzzPoints Merchants, offer you bonus BuzzPoints when you shop with them.

Depending on the BuzzPoints Merchant’s offer, you can receive anywhere from 1 to 20 bonus BuzzPoints with each $1 you spend.

Our network of BuzzPoints Merchants offer a variety of e-Loyalty Cards which allows you to receive even more bonus BuzzPoints!

Buzz Merchants:

Q: Why should I become a BuzzPoint Merchants?

A: BuzzPoints are a great way to increase sales, attract new customers, improve customer loyalty, and build your social media presence with little effort on your part.  Vista Bank promotes your business and encourages their customers to shop with you through various marketing medias. As a BuzzPoint Merchant you become part of a community network that supports keeping local money local!

Q: How does BuzzPoints Merchants increase sales?

A: Vista Bank rewards their customers 1 BuzzPoint for every $1 customers spend when they make a signature transaction using their Vista Bank debit card. Vista Bank customers look for local merchants who award bonus BuzzPoints. Participating merchants are featured in the customer’s BuzzPoints account.

Q: How does BuzzPoints Merchants create loyalty?

A: The BuzzPoints e-Loyalty Program encourages customers to keep shopping with you and requires no additional work on your part (no paperwork, no stamping, no tracking).  First, BuzzPoints customers receive bonus BuzzPoints for shopping with BuzzPoints Merchants. Second, customers receive even more bonus BuzzPoints upon fulfilling the required number of loyalty visits. Third, customers can redeem BuzzPoints for gift cards to your business.

Q: How does BuzzPoints Merchants attract new customers?

A: Vista Bank is doing all it can to promote your business and encourage our customers to keep local money local. In the BuzzPoints Merchant Directory, Vista Bank customers see a list of all participating BuzzMerchants and their offers. Every time a Vista Bank customer makes a purchase with a BuzzPoints Merchant, the merchant’s logo and name is highlighted in the customer’s list of transactions This reminds the customer of the great value gained when they shop with you.

Q: How does BuzzPoints Merchant increase my social media presence?

A: Each BuzzPoints Merchant has a Web page in the BuzzPoints Merchant Directory which is connected to Facebook.   BuzzPoints customers look for BuzzMerchant offers, in order to receive bonus BuzzPoints. If the customer is connected to Facebook they are able to tell their Facebook friends about your offer, as well share their merchant experience.

Q: Do I have to be a customer of Vista Bank to become a BuzzPoint Merchant?

A: BuzzPoints Merchants is offered to all local merchants. We would love to explain how Vista Bank and BuzzPoints can increase your bottom line.

Q: How do I become a BuzzPoint Merchant?

A:  Please contact Marcia Ramos at 806-776-4000 to set up an appointment.