Main Street Lending Program

One of only 13 Texas banks originally participating in the Main Street Lending Program* 

Recently, the Federal Reserve established the Main Street Lending Program, allotting $600 billion in loans for small and medium-sized businesses that were in sound financial condition before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
At this time, lender registration is open, and we at Vista Bank are processing and preparing applications. 
Please note, this program is a commercial loan requiring normal underwriting procedures. Given the qualifications, we are focusing on assisting businesses that operate within our Texas footprint. If you are outside the state, please contact a participating lender in your area. 
Ready to speak with a lender? Please complete the provided contact form. 

Once you submit your contact information, a Vista banker will review and contact you promptly. In the meantime: 

Updated June 8, 2020


The changes to the Main Street Lending Program include:

  • Lowering the minimum loan size for certain loans to $250,000 from $500,000;
  • Increasing the maximum loan size for all facilities;
  • Increasing the term of each loan option to five years, from four years;
  • Extending the repayment period for all loans by delaying principal payments for two years, rather than one; and
  • Raising the Reserve Bank's participation to 95% for all loans.


This is the best and most accurate information we have garnered as of the date published. *All provided information is subject to Treasury guidelines and caps that are fluid and subject to change.

Please note, Vista Bank will work diligently to ensure your success in this government loan program. However, loans are only submitted if qualified based on standard underwriting procedures and are not guaranteed to be received as they are limited by the current federal total, and are being addressed on a first come first serve basis by the Treasury, upon approval.​

*As of 7/8/20 posting on

I just wanted to reach out again and say thank you so very much for your persistence, diligence, and hard work in processing and getting my SBA loan approved in record time.  I don’t believe it could have been done anywhere else as fast as Vista Bank has done it. Vista Bank gets results!

- David