Fun Fact Friday

Let the Games Begin!

Thanks for playing Fun Fact Friday, a place where we get rewarded to learn more about our beloved company and stay better connected during these times where it's harder to get together as often as we'd like.

It's simple. 

  1. Click and read the Vista Bank news story below (note it will take you off site which is fine).

  2. Complete the short contact form below, including your name and email address.

  3. Answer a question from the article. 

  4. Give us feedback on the story.

  5. Click submit. 

  6. Follow our featured social media page for a chance to win.

Each Friday at 6pm, we will randomly draw a name from everyone who answered correctly and award a prize, to be announced the following Monday by 10am! 

This week's prize will be a Vista hat

Step 1

Read the article below (If you have issues opening try with the Chrome browser)

Dallas Morning News Vista Bank Feature

Read PDF Here

Step 2

Complete the entry form


Step 3

Follow our featured social media page


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