Remote Deposit Capture

Vista offers the deposit solutions you need for your business.

Vista Bank's Treasury Management Services are growing every day. Read more below about our remote deposit capture machine solution.

Remote Capture Benefits

Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit money into your checking account without ever leaving work. Remote deposit is convenient and might minimize your day-to-day operations. Focus more on your business and less on the logistics that make it run.
  • Includes check to digital conversion, electronically processed and online reporting of deposits.
  • Conveniently deposit checks without ever leaving the office.
  • Check Deposits can be made at your convenience at anytime of day.
  • Remote Deposit saves time and money; tasks such as endorsing checks and preparing deposit slips, or physically transporting are eliminated.
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VistaDirect Operating Procedures

VistaDirect deposits will be accepted for processing until 4:00PM on normal banking days. Deposits submitted after 4:00PM will be processed the following business day.

To process a deposit you will:

  • Log into our secure distributed capture system using the Codes
  • Endorse all checks as specified by us
  • Total the amount of the deposit prior to starting the scan process
  • From the New Deposit box drop down choose the account to which you are making the deposit
  • Create your deposit using the application, and by entering your deposit control amount and select scan/capture
  • Scan each check individually to capture the image, MICR information, and attempt to read the dollar amount of the check (the software performs a check to validate that the image and MICR information captured meets quality guidelines.) Insert and/or delete images that are not legible
  • Key in the dollar amount of the check and/or other fields if prompted by the software
  • Validate the balance of the deposit
  • Transmit images to our archive
  • Verify receipt of a message confirming successful transmission of the images
  • Close the batch (a deposit record is created)
  • Print or save the audit log
  • Safe keep the checks which you deposit through the Service in a secure location for at least 90 days and then, destroy them to ensure that they are not separately deposited to us or any other financial institution. Do not proceed with the destruction of the processed paper checks until transaction posting has been verified as accepted by us.
  • Check Vista Bank online banking the following day to verify deposit posted correctly