Here’s to the Entrepreneurs

The job creators. The innovators. The economic stimulators. The world's largest economy is depending on you...but that's nothing new. So let’s do this.



Risking it All for Life on Your Terms

For 111 years, we've been the entrepreneur's bank, celebrating your hustle and tenacity. We are honored to play a small part in your success and to introduce you to a few of our valued clients.


Meet Mary O'Brien, Dream Cafe Owner

When entrepreneur Mary O'Brien started her restaurant, Dream Cafe 33 years ago, she focused on bringing healthy foods and menu options to Dallas well before her time. What she couldn't fathom was having to shut her doors due to a global pandemic. Then came COVID-19 where PPP relief was needed quickly to keep her talented team on the payroll. Good thing she had Blair Mercer's cell phone number - he got her taken care of in less than 48 hours. That’s why Mary chose the Entrepreneur’s Bank to open her new location at 2811 McKinney Ave, and why we are honored to play a small part in her success! Give it a shot for brunch this weekend!



Thank you Vista Bank for basically saving our restaurant. When big banks, who we have done business with for decades, let us down, Vista Bank was there. Vista Bank supports female and minority entrepreneurs!

- Carmen