Provide Interests, LLC

P.O. Box 6086 / Lubbock, TX, 79493 / 806-317-7187 /

At PROVIDE INTERESTS, LLC, we strive to provide quality homes in the small communities surrounding Lubbock.  From Plainview to Lamesa and Morton to Seymour, our buyers depend on our financing to make the transition from renting to home ownership possible.  Through home ownership, we can help build stronger families, brighter futures and better communities.

PROVIDE also offers a great opportunity to individuals that wish to invest in local real estate while helping worthy families own a home.  Investors participate in portfolios built specifically around a proven model.  These portfolios are a great way to create solid long term returns while supporting our rural townships.  With 11 years of real estate experience in West Texas and a conservative approach to investing, we can offer you a great way to diversify your current strategy.  Call or email today for investment information.

Vista Bank is a proud supporter of Provide Interests, LLC. Together, we are soaring to great heights!