Trust Services

Managing your assets for generations to come.

Trust Services

Managing your assets for generations to come.

When you look for a trust service from your local bank, you need a high level of customer service, customization, and stability. Our Trust Services at VistaBank can ensure you have all three. We have years of experience administering assets throughout the state of Texas. We provide flexible solutions for your unique situation. Contact any of our local bank branches to find out more.

Vista Bank offers a wide range of asset management options, specializing in the management of farmland.

Services Include:

  • Acting as landlord
  • Selecting suitable tenants
  • Supervising the maintenance of the land
  • Complying with government regulations
  • Collecting revenue
  • Paying expenses

Please note we only accept farmland near our branch locations


We also handle business affairs through a Power-of-Attorney arrangement, which is similar to a revocable trust.

Use power of attorney to give an individual legal authority to make decisions for a debilitated person (principal). This allows a selected person the ability to make financial decisions related to gift giving, medical procedures, and guardianship on someone’s behalf. This can be a difficult circumstance, but Vista Bank can lead you through it.

To speak with someone regarding trust services please contact any of our convenient locations. We looking forward to helping you manage your assets for generations to come.