Financial Safety Tips

Keeping your financial information confidential is extremely important to us. Please review the following tips to help keep your financial information secure.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recommends that passwords should be “easy to remember” but “hard to guess.”
NIST guidance recommends the following for passwords:

  • An eight character minimum and 64 character maximum length
  • Use a special characters (but not a requirement)
  • Do not use sequential and repetitive characters (e.g. 12345 or aaaaaa)
  • Do not use context specific passwords (e.g. the name of the site, etc.)
  • Do not use commonly used passwords (e.g. p@ssw0rd, etc.)
  • Do not reuse previously breeched passwords 

Click here to read the full guidelines.

Online Banking

Remember to log off after viewing your bank account activity online.

Do not register a computer for repeated use if you are using a public computer or someone else’s computer to access online banking or other websites that contain sensitive or personal information.


Keep your debit card PIN confidential. If you have shared your PIN for any reason, stop by your local branch and have your PIN changed.

When using your debit card, select credit when possible. This lessens the chances of someone tracking your PIN and accessing your financial information, and it enables consumer protections provided by Regulation E.

General Account Information

Never provide your full account number or social security number over the phone.

If you see suspicious activity on your account contact the bank right away.

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Avoid Financial Scams

Use extreme caution when you receive a phone call or text asking for personal information such as your social, or any information pertaining to your finances.

In case Vista Bank's fraud prevention team needs to contact you, it's always a great idea to ensure we always have your current email address and phone number(s) on file. Stop by or call any of our locations and a representative will be happy to update this information for you.


My experience with Vista Bank has been an extremely positive one and I look forward to spreading the good word and working with you all in the future.

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