John D. Steinmetz Weighs in on Yellen for Treasury

John Steinmetz, president and CEO of Vista Bank: Janet Yellen being nominated gave Wall Street a lot of comfort. It certainly has given, I think, Dallas business owners similar. There were many that were concerned about other candidates for that position. But with Yellen’s experience, I think most of the business community is comfortable with her experience. So I think, from a banking perspective, Yellen or whoever’s the next treasury secretary, is more important than an administration change.

Those that are willing to risk their capital want to remove as much risk as possible. And Yellen, having served in that capacity in the past, has a history of understanding what is important to our nation’s business community, or economy, from a more macro perspective. So that’s probably, and I can only speak for myself, what gave me comfort when I heard that she was being nominated. We were familiar with her policies. And we’re not going to agree all the time with everyone, but I think it gave us a level of comfort and optimism.

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