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For 112 years, we’ve been the entrepreneur’s bank, celebrating your hustle and tenacity. We are honored to play a small part in your success and to introduce you to a few of our valued clients.

Meet Matthew Johnston from AJL International

Having started as a driving service for some of the most iconic bands to ever tour Dallas, Matthew Johnston and his team at AJL International grew their business to provide private driver and limousine services for clients 24/7 across the globe. Now boasting one of the region’s strongest transportation companies, we can attest to AJL’s exceptional service. Vista recently contracted an AJL bus for last year’s Texas Rangers game and it could not have been a more amazing experience for our whole team. We couldn’t be more proud of clients like Mr. Johnston and are humbled to play a small part in his success. Congratulations sir and keep crushing it.

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Thank you Vista Bank for basically saving our restaurant. When big banks, who we have done business with for decades, let us down, Vista Bank was there. Vista Bank supports female and minority entrepreneurs!