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Recently featured on CNBC, Newsmax, Dallas Business Journal and more, see why our CEO, John D. Steinmetz, is sought out  to help navigate today's business climate.


In The News

Recently featured on CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Newsmax, Dallas Business Journal, and more, see why our CEO, John D. Steinmetz, is sought out to help navigate today's business climate.



‘Make Your Move’ Contest is Officially Open.

In partnership with SMU Athletics, Vista Bank proudly announces the ‘Make Your Move’ contest for small businesses in the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Learn more and enter your company for a chance to win $10,000 of advertising to SMU fans today!




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Actually we just want to brag on our people. Pound for pound - they are best in the industry.




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Our mobile banking app takes the stress out of paying bills, transferring money, and switching off your debit card if you happen to lose it.




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Here’s to the job creators, the innovators, the entrepreneurs that ensure our Texas economy leads the way for the world.

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Oh wow, thank you! I am impressed because I keep hearing how no one can get through. You do have an amazing team!
This is awesome. We really appreciate the help and are looking forward to working with Vista bank! Thank you again!
I don’t believe it could have been done anywhere else as fast as Vista Bank has done it.

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