Carter High School Unveils new ‘Wall of Honor’

At Carter High School, a new interactive ‘Wall of Honor’ was unveiled Tuesday night, highlighting the achievements of students who walked the halls over several decades since its inception.

It felt a little like a walk down memory lane. A way to reminisce and honor achievements of the past, while looking ahead to the future.  The Wall of Honor is one of Carter High School’s latest and greatest additions.

School leaders and community partners beamed with pride. With the touch of a finger, anyone can access to the history, legacy, and impact of students who spent time there.

Lubbock Smith is Vice President and Director of Community Development for Vista Bank, which sponsored the Wall of Honor. Smith was a critical liaison during the planning and development phase, which he said had been three years in the making. However, he said the foundation was laid long before that.

“This goes way back to coming out of Carter High School in 2008 and being able to understand the importance of legacy and tradition and community,” he said.

From academics to the arts to athletic achievement, it’s all on the touch screen. Carter alumnus and former NFL player Michael Crabtree was there to witness the unveiling as well.

Athletic Coordinator Harold Jones is credited with being the visionary.

“I’ve always envisioned leaving a legacy behind for Carter High School being an alumnus, and this night just culminates that legacy,” Jones said.

As a student at Carter in the 80s, Jones said there were photos of students on the walls who had gone on to do great things. This is similar to, the 21st Century style.

“This provides the same opportunity, only in a more up-to-date, current format for our students to actually grasp,” said Jones.

Smith said perhaps one day his daughter will walk the halls of Carter High school. If so, he wants her to be both proud and inspired by those who came before…

“We stand on the shoulders of giants,” said Smith. “And if they understand where they come from, they will want to build on this tradition and build upon it and create greater success to say I have an imprint I left a mark here.”

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