Financial Safety Tips

Keeping your financial information confidential is of extreme importance to us. Please review the information we have provided to help you keep your personal information confidential and secure.


Remember to change your passwords every so often.
When choosing a password include numbers and letters if possible and always try to stay away from common names or phrases. Do not use the same password for several different accounts.
Click here to read more from Microsoft about creating strong passwords.
Click here to read more from Apple regarding creating good passwords.

Online Banking

Remember to log off or sign off after viewing your bank account activity online.
Do not register a computer for repeated use if you are using a public computer or someone else’s computer to view your online banking.


Keep your PIN confidential. If you have shared your PIN for any reason, have your PIN changed.
When using your debit card, select credit when possible. This will not affect the transaction, but lessens the chances of someone tracking your PIN and accessing your financial information, as well as enabling consumer protections provided by Reg E.

General Account Information

Never provide your account number or social security number unless you initiated the phone call.
If you see suspicious activity on your account contact the bank right away.
Click here to see more general guidelines about online tips from

Avoid Financial Scams

Use extreme caution when you receive a phone call or text asking for personal information such as your social, or any information pertaining to your finances.
Calls made in regards to your Vista Bank card will be made by SHAZAM
During the notification process the fraud specialist notes that he or she is, “Calling from SHAZAM on behalf of Vista Bank.” The fraud specialist asks you to validate your identity via a series of qualifying questions (for example, either the address or ZIP code of the account owner). Your answers to the qualifying questions must exactly match the information in our records to successfully authenticate your identity.
Note: You must respond to a callback request from a fraud specialist using the SHAZAM Fraud Operations toll-free number (866) 508-2693. The fraud specialist includes this number in all voice mail or answering machine messages he or she leaves for you. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VERIFICATION QUESTIONS ARE NOT ASKING FOR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

Contact SHAZAM Fraud Operations at (800) 537-5427, extension 2899, if you have questions about the notification process.