Forbes Quotes CCO Cathy Landtroop – Value of Good Questions

Forbes’ Goldie Chan recently focused on the value of good questions, specifically as related to branding and navigating a successful career. Seeking experts on the topic, Vista Bank Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Cathy Landtroop, was quoted in the story. Landtroop’s take related to the power of asking good questions in interviews and why that’s critical for brand storytelling. 

Why Asking Questions Is Good For Your Brand And Your Career

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What would you love to know?

The power of asking questions in both your work and personal life cannot be understated and impacts almost every area of our lives and our careers. I have pulled together research, data and ideas and thoughts from people and brands across the world to discuss why asking why – is important. I also just launched 100 Good Questions, a project on asking 100 questions that help with your life, career and more. Follow along with the project and share your answers at #100GoodQ.

“The art of storytelling begins with sincere curiosity. When interviewing clients, I see myself as a journalist, asking strategic timely questions to create a compelling story. Doing my homework ahead of the interview allows the time in front of the camera to be more comfortable and conversational, resulting in the most authentic and compelling videos, podcasts and communications across any medium,” offers Cathy Landtroop, Chief Communications Officer of Vista Bank.

“As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s important to ask questions when you are seeking media or press coverage — especially when it pertains to the way your story is being told. You’re allowed to ask for interview questions ahead of time or the angle that the outlet, TV stations or interviewer is pursuing — that way you can rest easy and ensure that your values and brand messaging is being clearly communicated,” says Leah Frazier, CEO and Publicist, Think Three Media.

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