Jo’Elda Perez Talks Financial Literacy Tips

Kicking off Financial Literacy Month, Jo’Elda Perez, Financial Literacy Director and SVP Private Client Services caught up with Laura Harris of DFW’s NBC 5 to discuss tips to improve your personal finances.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Finances

By Laura Harris 

April is Financial Literacy Month. It’s a time where financial planners and wealth managers encourage people to evaluate their day-to-day spending, understand what is coming in and going out, and plan to ensure their financial future is sound.

Jo’Elda Perez with Vista Bank says small changes can help the average family succeed financially.

“We were at home for over a year with not much entertainment [during the pandemic]. A lot of us subscribed to a lot. Netflix and Hulu and even magazines. Maybe now is the time to start thinking about if you still need all of that. Even if it’s just $10, it adds up,” Perez said.

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